Monday, August 13, 2007

lazy monday

<--- i tried to find the laziest picture in my collection... how'd i do??

i actually got a lot done on my day off today, believe it or not. i got a few books to read while i'm away (the year of magical thinking by joan didion, when we were orphans by kazuo ishiguro, a seperate peace by john knowles, and leaving the saints by martha beck), ordered my lonely planet city guides for paris, rome, and florence, adjusted my bike seat and fixed my bell, made a delicious shish kabob dinner, got some toiletries i'll need while i'm away, and i manage to squeeze in a lovely little 1 hour nap.

i still have a few things to look after, but i'm feeling pretty good about my progress now. the big things this week are booking my flight from rome to paris, and booking my hostels in rome & paris. i already know where i'm going to stay in room so it's just a matter of booking it (fyi it's alessandro palace). i have a good lead on a hostel in paris but i think i'm going to do a little research first to make sure it's the right place for me. after i figure these things out, i'm nearly set. you know, after i do a dry-run packing my suitcase. ha!

i'm also trying to prepare the cats for their month-long adventure. i honestly don't know what i'll do without them while i'm gone. i know i'll be distracted much of the time but they are such a comfort that i know i'll miss them terribly in my down moments. at least i know that grandma and grandpa (well, mostly grandma) will take good care of them while i'm gone - lots of scratches and pets and the occasional treat. my mom has big plans - she thinks that she's going to keep them out of the bedroom for a month because she "doesn't want hair all over her bed". pssssshhhh good luck! we can barely keep them out of there during a weekend so i'm thinking that the obsessive shutting of their bedroom door (it's a slider so it's even more annoying) and constant vigilance coming in and out will last oh about a week. either way, they'll be living it up with the squirrels and birds and old people walking their dogs for a month. lucky bastards.

the only thing left on the plate tonight is to enjoy 1 full hour of the hills on mtv. we all have our guilty pleasures and inane mtv reality shows are mine. there nothing like crazy ridiculous immature girls (*cough*heidi*cough*) fighting that makes me happy to sit at home with the cats. as the great mary j. blige once said: "no more drama".


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