Tuesday, September 01, 2009


What I have I been up to in this far-too-long-it's-uncomfortable hiatus?

Check it: www.melissajosephphotography.com.

I'm working on getting the new site up and back-posting some photos, as well as actually taking said photos, photoshopping said photos, saving up money for fancy photo equipment and, um, a big upcoming trip (miiiiight be going to LA in October. Damn you Jason Mraz and your incredibly generous offers of gratitude to SuperFans!!), and other life stuff. (I totally ordered business cards today. What has two thumbs and feels official? THIS GIRL.)

So, you know, sorta busy? Still, no excuse. And it's not for lack of funny things that have happened to me. INCLUDING adorable My Ex-Boyfriend Michael Cera updates!!

I'm feeling like things are getting sorted out nicely and that I'll have more time for posting both over there (www.melissajosephphotography.com, just in case you forgot the address... cough) and over here.

Good times, blog-friends. Good times.

Yours in Michael Cera,

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