Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i need a vacation

isn't that lovely? i can't wait to see the sistine chapel! i'm going to try to sneak in a few pics. i really hope our guide lets us linger in there... or there's a way for me to get back in afterwards. it was the first thing that i thought of when i found out i was coming here. not to be outdone, though, is the gorgeous fresco on the ceiling of the duomo in florence (left). i can't even imagine the work, the inspiration, the sweat and blood and tears that went into it... breathtaking.
so i've had a stressful day. things back home are hitting the proverbial fan and i have a lot of questions that won't have answers until i get back. you try to enjoy your longest chunck of consecutive time off since you started your job with the weight of the world (melodramatic, yes... but that's sorta how i feel tonight) that that hanging over you. oh well, i'm repeating the time-tested mantra "do not stress out until you have to" until it actually sinks in. i give it, oh, about 10 days to take effect.
otherwise, my new hotel line-up is now confirmed for my shortened stay in rome. the hotel panda will be home for 1 night and then off to the sister hotel the okapi for 2. it's a bitch to find anything reasonably priced, well located, and not a dive in a short amount of time and running over a weekend. but, i did it. i just will be carting my shit around more than i'd like to. at least the hotels are close together! i'm really looking forward to some r&r and time alone in rome. it'll be nice not to have to share a bathroom and a life with people for 3 days. i've enjoyed the company, but i don't enjoy their dirt (thus, the hostel was OUT for rome! i cancelled the allesandro today). i want to sleep in until 9am, take a shower when i feel like it and use as much hot water as i want to, not wear pants and read my book for an hour before bed. luxuries i have sadly done without for the past 2 weeks.
afterwards, i'm off to meet lindsay for 5 days in paris. i'm really excited to spend the time with her in the city. now i won't have to take my own picture at all the sites! i'm also excited to see how well my french will hold up. i've been rockin' the italian here when i have to... but i don't know how well i'll do under pressure in france. the italians are always very helpful - i can't wait to see what the parisians will be like when i fumble for a word. snobby jerks!
in any case, i'm off to read some of my book and relax a little. i'm going to attempt to get to bed before midnight tonight. tomorrow is my last day of work after all so it'd be nice to wake up refreshed and ready to go. plus i wanted to get the shower first tomorrow.

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