Tuesday, September 18, 2007

you know you're in italy when your blog instructions are in italian

wow... it only took me 2 weeks to update the blog. how very 'busy' of me. there really is no excuse. true, i do work 9-630 and by the time work is over and dinner plans are made and dinner is eaten it's midnight - but that shouldn't have stopped me from getting on here at least once in the past 2 weeks. well. don't hold it against me. i promise more pictures etc. to come (i do, after all, have about 1000 so far... and i haven't really been travelling yet...).
now, onto the bigger issue: how does one sum up 2 crazy, amazing, lonely, busy, squatting toilets (the horror) weeks into one quick post? wait... i guess i just did. it was actually more amazing that lonely, more crazy than busy, and more squatting toilets than... i'd care to ever see in my life again. so far i've been to florence twice, arezzo a handful of times (but not up to the prato and church at the top so i'm likely going back on thursday), siena, and assisi. not bad considering that i'd be working for a full 2 weeks and then doing all my sightseeing afterwards. still on the plate are rome & paris and the new addition of venice, which happens friday. i'm really glad that i got to see more than i was planning for - i really feel like i got a good taste of italy.
i should be working right now so i'll sign off with some quick observations about these past 2 weeks:
1. i am sick of pizza and pasta, which i never thought could be possible. i am also sick of gnocchi but can't stop ordering it when we go out.
2. i'd rather hold it than use a squatter toilet. seriously, put a seat on it.
3. tuscany is WAY more hilly than i expected. and i expected it to be hilly.
4. i am veeery glad i brought 8gb worth of memory cards.
5. i am veeery disappointed that i didn't bring my laptop.
6. i shall never eat rabbit or duck ever in my life.
7. italian guys: should not look like they spend more time on their hair than women, wear watermelon coloured pants, wear lemon coloured pants, wear lime coloured pants, wear any bright coloured pants whatsoever.
8. italian women: should smile more at the bars, not wear skinny pants (showoffs!), take a little of the eye makeup off.
9. siena has been my favourite city so far... we'll see how i feel after venice, rome, and paris though.
10. pomegranates fresh off the tree are the best fruit
11. people in italy are friendlier than you'd expect
12. italian budget hotels in rome will never answer you when you need an answer
13. calling cards are really freaking cheap
14. never trust directions from the guys in the arezzo train station unless you want to end up in santa mama at 7.30 at night not knowing how the hell to get back to where you need to go
alright... i promise i'll be back with more pictures and elaborate stories before i take off on my 10 day vacay.

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