Monday, July 14, 2008

yeah, but can you outride the ZOMBIES?!

so i decided my biking goal for the year (yes, year. i like to give myself a very achievable goal. it improves my self-esteem.) is to go fast enough to outride zombies, should the apocalypse happen and i need to get the hell out of dodge. so far, i figure i might be able to go faster than a one-legged zombie or small child zombie. that doesn't sound like much, but when i first started i probably couldn't go faster than ANY zombie so i consider this a great achievement.

so if you can't already tell i had a great ride tonight. i was able to make it up a few big climbs in a high gear and didn't feel like my heart was going to come hurtling out of my mouth and tell me to fuck off. i feel stronger and faster and less of an embarassment to my super-fit, love-to-bike-bike-bike company. one day i may start taking up the ride to work again or even join in on one of the after-work rides. (but i make no promises.)

it's funny - i actually was dreading going out tonight and trying to find excuses not to go. i'm just feeling a little blah today. it's actually a little disconcerting as i've felt so good lately (better than i ever have, actually). and i'm also at the point in my life where i'm ready for the yay!s and awww!s and ooooh!s so today was sorta starting to feel like a step back. (in other words, it was back to the wah-wah!s and boo-hoo!s.)

who knew that a little bike ride and 5 (yes, 5! i know, i'm awesome!) big hills would make me feel better??!

so bring it, one-legged and small child zombies. it's on!

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