Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i have so many things to say about this:

1. at first i thought it was a regular guy wearing shoes on his knees (like that tim conway as dorf? no? no one knows who dorf is but me and my grandma? well get to googlin' people!) and then he sorta turned around during on of his more rigorous thrusts and i realized that i was very, very wrong.

2. what the hell is he singing for 3 and a half minutes because it sure isn't the words to the songs!

3. not that i'm surprised, but "CD's" should be spelled "CDs" and "prepared to be amazed" should have been "prepare to be amazed." maybe they preferred to let the dancing speak for itself?

4. the guy knows how to thrust with vigor but doesn't know the chicken dance??! was he the only little person available and willing to dance to a variety of awkward and awful song snippets? they couldn't find someone with more dance moves other than arms-out-wiggle and the uncomfortable-for-us-but-unfortunately-not-for-him pelvic pump?

5. really? the oompa loompa song? that's not just ironic, that's sorta cruel... well, in a horribly funny way.

is it going to far to say that this is singularly the best video ever made, ever? i don't think so.

i don't think so.

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