Tuesday, September 02, 2008

omg it's my 1 year euroversary!!!!1!!!11!!!!!

so, like, this time last year i was asleep in a bed off the office at the depot outside of arezzo. and i was probably getting bitten by mosquitos (like an idiot i left the window open and was therefore terrorized nightly by those little buggers) and dreaming about gnocchi al ragu (my meal of choice for the entire month i was away) right at this very moment.

this whole 1 year thang has gotten me thinking - a LOT has changed between then and now. let me share it with you in convenient list form so we can all enjoy it, shall i?

1. i'm no longer (as) scared of air travel. well, technically i'm just as scared as i ever was but now have a coping mechanism: a lot of gravel and my earphones discreetely hidden by the hood of my hoodie during take off and landing so that i distract myself from freaking the fuck out.

2. this blog is funnier now than when it was just about which stupid fucking hostel i didn't really want to stay in in rome.

3. i can outbike small child or one-legged zombies. i, however, still would not be able to make it up a hill in tuscany.

4. i have a lot more confidence in myself and my ability to handle myriad situations. meaning: i now wash my hair every second day and don't care.

5. i crave fresh mozzarella every hour of every day.

6. i know how to say watermelon in italian. anguria. ANGUUUUURIA. an? guria.

7. i now realize that you can fly halfway across the world and other than the better food, architecture, painting, and the centuries of history, everything is pretty much the same. oh, wait. except the guys in italy wear watermelon (anguria!) coloured pants and the guys in canada don't.

8. i want to travel more. lots more. to places like vietnam and india and switzerland.


9. i decided i'm going to be a comedy writer.


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