Saturday, November 08, 2008

What Do Teenage Sex and Losing a Flip Flop Have in Common?

No, not Britney Spears!

The right answer: Rikki & me!

Sunday and Monday were busy days. We checked out of the hotel (and Rikki scored us free parking, proving yet again that you don't mess with Chicago............ unless you want to pay to stow your car) and headed downtown to see the LA stop of the Spring Awakening tour.

I have been a little, um, obsessed with this musical since it was recommended to me. It combines everything you could want in a musical: good lyrics, good music, and lots of sex. More specifically, illicit teenage sex! It's like every cougar dream I've ever had come true in musical form and needless to say I've been looking forward to seeing it for quite some time.

I am happy to report that it didn't disappoint. The staging was really unique and the cast universally phenominal. The deal was even sweeter as Rikki knew the male lead, Kyle Riabko (confirming that Rikki is the most musically hooked up girl in Chicago). He's actually from Saskatoon, believe it or not - and I don't think I'm exagerating when I say that he's probably the best thing ever to come from that town. Not only is he adorable but he's got the voice of and angel and the acting chops to boot (and I haven't even told you about his incredible guitar skillz yet!!).

......... and we got to watch him hump his onstage love interest. Like, hump. No "creative" staging, no expressing sex through song, or lighting, or innuendo. I mean full on exposed breast, hiked up skirt, pants down, I see Kyle's butt kind of humping. Cougar? Swoon.

He's 21 in real life, so it's totally legal in case you're wondering. (Even cougars can't be too careful!)

So after what was clearly a great afternoon, we headed to Santa Monica beach for some quality be-one-with-the-water time. We missed the majority of the sunset but I broke out my tripod and did a mini-photoshoot with Rikki. She was thrilled:

Rikki: Are we going to have to do a photo-shoot?
Melissa: Yes.
Rikki: ... Really?
Melissa: Yes! Now go and walk over there.
Rikki (silently walks over there): Okay? Done?
Melissa: No.
Rikki: You're going to have an entire album on facebook about me, aren't you?
Melissa: Ha! ... No?

Rikki got her flip flop stuck in the sand and like a good friend I took pictures of the drama as it went down instead of helping.

I also got some group shots out of the shoot. It was a very intricate process whereby I framed the shot ever-so-carefully, set the timer, and then booked it over to Rikki (who was pretty far away since I was using a zoom lens) just in time to get my adorable face on before the camera clicked.

The results were, huh, varied.

I fared slightly better at capturing some of the details of the Santa Monica pier.

The last one is actually the reflection of the ferris wheel in the sand/wave. I know, I know: photographic genius. And I didn't even lose my glasses this time out!!!

So that was Sunday. Ells Degens is next up, along with a review of Pink Taco (the restaurant not, uh, the lady-thing).

Oh, and before I go, check out this interesting storefront on Fairfax, south of Santa Monica in Little Ethopia (yes, they have one of those here. Along with a little Armenia??! I thought that that existed only on 30 Rock, but apparently not?).

Firstly, and I'm just going on gut instinct here, The Magic Comb seems like the kind of reputable hair establishment that would not give a lady a mushroom cut when she asks for adorable. And if the worst did occur, the situation would quickly be remedied with some of that hair they have for sale or via magic (it says it right in the title!).

However, I have one lingering question: what and the sweet fuck is "Indian Hair" (quotations theirs, not mine!)??! I mean, I can guess what Indian hair might be, but "Indian Hair"? Is it not real indian? Not real hair? And why is it $400??!

If you have any ideas, pleeease enlighten me in the comments section of this post.

(And yes, this is just a shameful way of me asking you my lovely reader to post comments. They make me feel happy and you want me to feel happy, right? RIGHT??!)

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Spanky J said...

Melissa -

It IS funny in here!! Here I am sitting in my fuzzy slippers, enjoying how you make me laugh just like the old days. I can't believe you saw Michael Cera! So what colour socks DOES he wear?

I love your tone, btw and the way you use "obvi." Classic.

I'll definitely be reading more! :)