Saturday, November 29, 2008

Whoa, That Took A Left Turn....

Below is an actual conversation, transcribed verbatim, between myself and the adorable dude at Global Pet Foods who sold me my kitty litter:

Me: Do you mind if I get a loonie (that's our dollar coin, for you yanks reading my blog) for these 4 quarters?

Him: (flirtatiously) Yeah, I do mind... But I'll do it for you this one time I guess.

Me: (flirtatiously back) Well, thank you. I know it's a huuuge inconvenience so I really do appreciate it...

Him: Yeah I mean, it's really putting me out. But I'll do it. I just won't, you know, like it.

(He flashes me a sly grin as he's dropping the quarters in his till, but mistakenly drops one on the floor as he's putting them away)

Me: Oops! Man, I'm making you bend over now even!!

Him: (without missing a beat) Oh, I always have to bend over!


Me: Oh. (Awkward laugh.)

(And yes I do know I owe this blog a proper post, as well as a recap of the rest of my California vacation AND a recap of my most recent vacation to Chicago... But it will have to wait just a tick tock as my evenings and weekends are filling up fast and I intend to ride the wave of fun for as long as it lasts... You understand, don't you?)


Anonymous said...

this blog should hold me over for about a week or so, until i start getting ancy for a mupdate(that's "melissa update")

...or i suppose i can wait until your done riding your "wave of fun"...and by wave of fun i mean the pet foods dude.



Anonymous said...

I can' t but agree.I always wanted to compose in my situate something like that but I believe you' r faster.