Monday, December 15, 2008

What My Mind Sounds Like at 7.41am

Mmmmmmmm. Sleep. I like to sleeeeeeeeep. I just want to sleep foreveeeeer.

It feels later than 7.15, though. Maybe I should turn around and look at my clock?

No. Nooooo. No. I should just stay here and keep sleeeeeping. My alarm would have gone off, so it can't be past 7.15....

....But I can hear my neighbour in the shower. So it's gotta be past 7.15. I probably didn't set my alarm last night. I can't be late for work, I should really look at the clock and be sure.

Mmmmm... I'm so comfy, though. And warm. And it's dark. I mean, I'm pretty sure God wouldn't have made life so awesome right now if it was past 7.15 and I had to get up. Right?

No, seriously. Time to turn over and look at the clock. It's definitely past 7.15.

Fuck. It's 7.41.

...Is it too late to call in sick?

(For the record, I went in to work. And I'm going to triple check my alarm tonight so I don't start my mornings off with a debate followed by a let down anymore. It's bad enough waking up in the pitch black to the pouring rain and freezing cold. Right? Am I right?)

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