Friday, January 16, 2009

California Part 1: How to Pack for a 40 Degree Temperature Difference

This morning, Toronto:
It was minus -30 with the windchill. I was up at 3.45am and at the airport by 5am - only to find that my flight to Chicago had been delayed and I would miss my connection to San Diego. Fuck.

This morning, Chicago:
It is still -30 with the windchill. But I got on the next flight to San Diego and even got upgraded to a seat with extra legroom and priority access boarding group. Also, I had bacon and corn bread muffins, so things are looking up.

This afternoon, San Diego:
Fuck, it's warm here!

So far, so good. We've hit Trader Joe's (my first visit! Verdit? I am in LOVE!), Jack in the Box (I must have my Oreo milkshake!), and the beach. Now we're relaxing inside our beach condo as the rest of our little family trickles in, enjoying some, um, herbal cigarettes and some cookies and some ocean sounds and some sneaking up on people while they are writing blogs and trying to scare them (not naming any names, Amy).

Not much more to report...... yet! Tomorrow is our infamous living room concert and we've got a day of beaching and laughing and keeping Melissa away from Target-ing.

I expect big things things. I expect big things!

A fun sign I spotted on the I-5 near our exit. Best euphamism ever?

Tabatha heading back in after a sunset swim

Barefeet! In January!

Amy, Kristie, and Sara in the first of many portraits that I am sure I'll take this weekend.

I call this one "Three Rocks On The Beach" because it's of three rocks on the beach.

Boogie Boarding! Will I be brave enough to go in tomorrow? Keep checking back to see!

Alright. Time to go stuff my face with cheese curds down by the ocean. Ahhh, I could get used to this!


Philly said...

I hope there are herbal cigarettes to share.


micaela said...

i count 6 rocks.

Rikki said...

so sad i'm not there.

love you