Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years' Revolutions '09

Oh yes, my friends, you read that right: '09 is my year of revolutions, not resolutions. I don't want to try to do better, I want to make real changes.

'Cause I love lists, here's one about what I want to get done in 2009.

1. Be More Funnier
I'm going to finish up my improv classes at the Impatient Theatre Company. I'm about to start Level 3 (of 9 levels total at the school) and I feel like I'm learning a lot not just about performing but about writing and entertainment in general. Plus the school is conveniently located beside a McDonald's so, I mean, it's a no brainer.
I'm also going to keep blogging up a storm and hopefully find someone with a web design background who loves me and will work for homemade chicken noodle soup to design a pretty interface for the site. I know my awesome Photoshop skillz in designing the banner probably makes you think I could do it myself but alas I think that it might be beyond my mad abiliteez. Cough.
I'm also going to lose more shit in cemeteries so that I can keep finding a way to reference BritBrit's vazhoonskies.

2. Spend Less Money
Specifically, I'm going stop buying books. I have approximately 75 books just waiting for me to crack their spines and dig in. Yeesh. Which leads me to:

3. Read More
Truman Capote, Edith Wharton and the shooting script for When Harry Met Sally aren't going to read themselves. I am going to get through my whole pile by the end of 2009, even if it requires me to quit my job and move to LA and sit and read on the beach everyday. I won't love having to live in paradise and eat big pancakes every day, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

4. Beat my Little Cousin to the Splits
She thinks she's all that because she's most of the way there. Pssssh. I am going to teach her a lesson or two about flexibility in the elderly by beating her there. It was only 5 years ago that I could actually do the splits, so how hard could it be, right? Right?
Fuck. This one might actually be hard to accomplish.

5. Write a Script
Okay. This one scares me. I feel like I should take some sort of a class first since, you know, I have no clue how to actually write a script. Since I bought too many fucking books, though, I don't really have the money to do it. Regarless, I refuse to let 2009 slip by without even trying.
The first step, I think, is buying an antiquated cell phone. Thank you, Google!

6. Actually Go to my Ballet and Yoga Classes
I cannot let myself be deterred by the fact that I fell asleep and started snoring during the "meditation period" of my last yoga class (um, what the fuck do you think is going to happen when you turn out all the lights, light some candles and play soft music in a dark, hot room??! Namaste, my ass). I must go back and try to stay awake this time.
Also, if I am going to get serious about beating my little cousin to the splits, I better get back to ballet ASAP. Plus, my ballet school is located right next to a Jugo Juice, so....

7. Meet My Birth Mother
Oh, hey you didn't know? I'm totally one of those special kids that their parents got to pick out instead of just getting stuck with whatever the stork brought. Jealous? You should be!
Just to catch you up to speed: yes I was adopted at birth, no I've never met my birth family, yes I've always known, no it's never been an issue in my life (I actually think it's pretty cool), and yes I want to meet my BM (obviously). As of June 1st, 2009, all I have to do is contact the government and they'll give me her name and other identifying information, so long as she doesn't register on the "no contact list" beforehand. And voila!
And because I am an industrious little writer, I plan to start a sister blog (all the Melissa, but none of the stalking Michael Cera in the airport hilarity) about tracking her down. I'll link you up once I get that sorted out, hopefully sometime next week.

8. Make a Turkey Dinner
I feel like this is the biggest obstacle I have to overcome in my culinary life, and one I know that, should I accomplish successfully, will guarantee me lifelong bragging rights with my Nan and mom. Since I'm the daughter of the daughter of the family matriarch, a lot is riding on my cooking abilities - both sides of my family fully expect me to take up the reigns and cook the meals some day. And, I mean, I can't let them down, can I? Plus I really like gravy and mashed potatoes so it's really just a good excuse to load up on carbs. And wine. And pie.
(Don't fool yourself, this resolution might look like it's about family, but it's really about me and my corpulence. Suckers!)

9. Ask More Celebrities More Questions

10. Go to Barcelona for my Jason Mraz Birthday Show
Oh, who am I kidding? Unless I win the lottery, this one is never going to happen.

Whew. 10 big things in 09! Leave your New Years' Revolutions in the comment section and my favourite one will win something awesome!*

*no you won't.

A quick recap before I head off into the night about what I ended up doing for NYE. As a life long Canadian and 5-year-long Torontonian, I proudly proclaimed to anyone who'd listen that I never deigned to visit Nathan Phillips Square for the CityTV NYE bash.

That is, until last night.

My thoughts? Well, I guess it was nice to experience once in a lifetime. I don't really do well in crowds (uh, can you tell?)

It was crowded. And people were rude. And it was cold. And all the musical acts were former Canadian Idols and thusly super, super lame.

But, whatever. Now I can say I did it. Plus, this picture more than makes up for all the bad stuff.

Adorable. I think if I had her vantage point (and also hat and fur-lined winter jacket), I probably would have had a blast too.

The upside to braving the crowds downtown was the picture taking possibilities. I got some cool ones of the skating rink and surrounding area.

So... there was that. Meh, I'm not the biggest NYE fan anyways (too my hype, not enough Melissa getting drunk and puking in her sink the next morning). Next year I vow to either find a party at which to get really, really wasted or to just stay home.

Regarless, it's a new year rife with new possibilities and new opportunities and new chances to mention Britney's vadge.

I sure am excited! Are you?

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