Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Riddle

What is:

-full of music
-jam-packed with friends from around the US
-home to giant pancakes, random celebrity sightings, old men excersizing, Pink Taco, Britney's vadge
-one week away

If you guessed my brain, I give you half a point (because, unfortunately for all of us, my brain is always present. Always!).

If you guesse California, I give you a full point.

What do you get with your points, you ask? Nothing. Except, of course, the joy of being able to guess really obvious answers. You go, you!

So yes, I am going back to California next week, and I really can't wait (even though it feels like I was just there.. maybe it's 'cause I was?)! I head down to San Diego first for a weekend of music, friends, and beach (ie heaven). Me and my Jason Mraz friends all meet up every year on the Martin Luther King weekend (MLK) and throw a Bushwalla Living Room Concert (LRC) in our rented house on the beach (known as the MLK LRC... a creative bunch we are!). This will be the third anual trip and though we've switched up some of the details (I'd like to call it ironing out the kinks) and some of our friends can't make it, I think it'll be our best yet. Mooooostly because I'll have my camera and am going to take so many freaking pictures this year that I'm going to have a permanent camera-indent around my eye.

After San Diego, Rikki & I are going to head back to LA to hunker down in WeHo and visit some of our favourite haunts from last trip (The Griddle, Pink Taco) for a couple of days. Rikki is going to take me to The Hotel Cafe and I'm going to take her to the iOWest & The Bonnie Hunt Show. It's going to be like the last LA trip, but she won't leave mid-way through and it will be condensed into 2 fun-filled days. Oh, and hopefully Rikki will be my witness when I run into random famous folk on the street (I'm looking at you Mark Ruffalo!).

Anywaysssss. I just wanted to give you all advanced warning so you know to check the blog religiously next weekend/the following week. I promise I'll do a better job of updating daily instead of waiting 2 months to finally finish off describing my trip. This way you can be jealous AS IT HAPPENS. I know, I know. Amazing, right?

And as if that wasn't enough to look forward to, I've started crafting a post about the origin of the phrase "donkey kick". It's more excruciating than the Michael Cera post (though, sadly, 100% less adorable) and it's tried and tested funny so hopefully I'll have that finished and up soon enough.

So keep checking in, folks. There'll be lots going on!


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sara no h said...

ready for a blogpost-specific comment?

two years ago, i slept with melissa at the first annual MLK LRC and got donkey kicked in my sleep.

it is relevant to TWO points of your post.