Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Mom Giveth

Picture it: tonight, 10.45PM. I just return home from my improv show at the Savannah Room and see the message light on my phone blinking. "Fuck," I think to myself, "It's probably my mom. I told her 70 times that I had an improv show tonight, and yet she calls anyways!"

Annoyed, I check the message and, sure enough, it's her. Below is a transcript (verbatim) of what she said:

Hi, just me. Sitting here thinking about you as I'm watching Being Erica. She reminds me of you! She's got a Masters Degree and she's in a no-end job! What? What did you say Brian? Oh yeah, dead end job. Anyways. There are more similarities. Except that she's 32 and you're 27. Anyways. Hello Sofia! Hello Bella! [my cats] Love you! Byeeee!

I guess the old saying really is true: the mom giveth (she said I was young!), and the mom taketh away (you're doing nothing with your life!).


Drive thru said...

Our Moms are our Heroes! It's true.

Kat with a K said...

At least she didn't say you are never getting married because you choose to have a career and you are never giving her grandchildren. Oh wait that is my mom........