Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Like Licking a King Kong Dong

I was up at the asscrack of dawn on Sunday, still suffering badly from jetlag and lured outside by the call of the waves again. I took a morning stroll on the beach and got to see the sun rise from the other side.

Sunday is always when it hits me: this long weekend of fun is only a weekend and it's almost over. Thusly, I try to cram in as much beeetch and beach time as I can in a semi-successful attempt to slow down time.

The day started off with our post-LRC family breakfast. This year instead of cooking at home we went to the Hill Street Cafe. The word on the street was, and I quote, "The food is good, but the service horribly slow". When we got there and our laid-back California dude waiter had this conversation with Cat, I knew those assessments were startingly accurate:

Cat: We need a table for 12, please.
Dude: Sure thing! I'll go set one up!
He takes off upstairs and we chat amongst ourselves for 20 minutes.
Dude: (back) So I've got a table of 12 for you guys upstairs! But with 15 of you, it'll be tight...
Cat: (pauses) ...But we're 12.
Dude: (pauses) ... Oh yeah. Well come on up then!

It was an epic 2-hour meal, made worth it by my delicious garlic toast and Scott's creative sausage eating abilities. (I'm sensing a theme to this post?)

After Hill Street we hit the beach, hard. I soaked up some rays for an hour or so and then we got to work on burying Scott and Brian in the sand. We drew upon our personal experiences (??!) and crafted some creative anatomy for both. Nothing says "long weekend on the beach!" like big fake sand jugs and rotund coke can hogs, right?

A few of us even braved the water again this year. Don't get me wrong, it stings it's so cold at first - but your body has a weird way of getting used to it so eventually you just go comfortably numb. It's kinda nice. I boogied boarded (without as much success this year as last) and ate it in a couple of big waves (I think I'm still coughing up salt water?). Even though all the Californians on the beach thought we were nuts, it was totally worth it - after all, the water temperature is still warmer than the air outside back in Toronto.

After swimming and getting ready, we did a mad clean up of the house and got ready for family photos on the beach. The sunset on Sunday was the best of the weekend - the kind that is so red and pink and orange that you almost want to spread some sugar on it and save half of it for breakfast the next morning.

The photos turned out great - I'm glad I have a group of friends that likes to be photographed as much as I like to take photographs. Also, they are very open to me calling out orders at them, such as "Go TOWARDS the wave!" and "Okay, pretend you are in High School Musical!" All in all, it works.

Billy came over for some more family photos (and was very impressed at how different ie clean and orderly the house looked...) and then it was off to Mueller for his show. We all rocked the mats along the wall this year, which was kinda nice for a change. Mostly because we a. were all together and b. not sitting at the back because Johnny holds the first 179303 rows for his pals.

Billy was in fine form as usual, making us laugh with random jokes and his love for king kong dongs (you might as well not ask 'cause even if you did, I doubt you'd be able to get an answer...). We finally got to hear Dawn Mitschele live - it was a treat for all (but especially for Scott). I'm also loving Billy's new songs - particularly the one about William Blake. He says it's hard for him to sing because he has to be vulnerable, which is why I think I like it so much - 'cause it comes from the heart. It also references the shitty economy and any song that can do that and still make me smile is tops in my books.


After the show we hugged Billy and band goodbye (and word on the street is that Scott got a special hug from a special lady who, if she ever goes through Missoula, is to look him up post haste so he can hook her up with some peeps) and we were back to the beach. I wish I could tell you more about the post-show party, but I fell asleep like the grandma I am.

All in all, it was the loveliest of lovely Sundays. If only all my days were like that - sandy, sweet, and sleepful (still jet-lagged!).

I'm in LA now and will recap my day yesterday later this evening (hint: it involved In-N-Out and Scientology!). I also saw my first celebrity and have several more observations to make about LA.

Alright, I'm off to The Griddle and then a taping of the Bonnie Hunt show. Send me good "free audience gift" vibes!


emily said...

omg... i can't wait to see the rest of the sunday beach photo shoot!!!! <3

micaela said...

thanks for the recaps meliss! hilarious, as usual :)