Monday, June 09, 2008

back in the saddle

i went for my first bike ride of the season tonight. yes, tonight... after the most humid day we've experienced thus far this summer. (i thought it was a good idea at the time?)

i knew i was in for it when i got to the air machine (is that even what it's called? it sounds like a really bad 80s hair band!) and instead of being free like it was a MONTH ago, it now costs $1 per fill up. wtf? $1 for air?! the thing i breathe every freaking day for free?! i shouldn't complain though... our gas stations obviously need the money more than i do, so in the end i was happy to give them my hard-earned loonie for air. they deserve it. (cough. cough.)

i guess the loss of change must have thrown off my balance though because as i stepped down off of the curb to fill my tires i twisted my ankle. (yes, again.) and since this happens so often i didn't even stop to assess, i just hopped on my bike and continued with my ride anyways. (don't they have a gold medal for being a trooper? no?)

1/2 an hour and 2 gallons of sweat later, i'm home. and in one piece. and with a swollen ankle. and a sore butt.

the upside? i'm pretty sure with just the sweat alone i lost 5 lbs! at this rate i'll be in a bikini by july!


wait, what?

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