Tuesday, June 10, 2008

when jokes go bad!

alternate blog title: why you shouldn't confuse the poor foreign kids working at fast food restaurants.

the scene: mcdonald's at bay and dundas

the cast: me, the asshole who REFUSES to eat any condiment of any sort at any time, and the meek foreign cashier with limited english skills

essential information: there's a salmonella outbreak in the states so some restaurants in canada have temporarily removed tomatoes from their menus, mcdonald's being one of said restaurants.

me: hi. i'll have a regular burger with only lettuce, onions, and pickles. oh, and can you make sure to put on extra EXTRA tomatoes, please?

cashier, stone-faced and concentrating hard on punching in my special requests: only lettuce, onions, pickles --

me, interuppting because he clearly didn't get my hilarious joke about tomatoes: you know i was joking about the tomatoes, right?

cashier, more confused than ever: yes?


so my order comes up, i pop a squat to devour my burger and lo and behold i see that there is mayo on my burger. LOTS of mayo on my burger. i check out my order slip and this is what i see:

ONLY onion, pickle, lettuce
EXTRA mayo $

so i put on my detective cap and realize that the cashier thought i said extra MAYO instead of tomato. and he charged me extra for said mayo. which is a condiment. which is something i hate more than outhouses and unibrows combined.

despite the offending white stuff, i was a bit relieved to be honest: at least i knew then why the cashier didn't laugh at my awesome joke.

cause i mean really? that was a-grade material.

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