Saturday, June 14, 2008

not what i expected

yeesh. tonight was crazy. since it's already after midnight and i should really be hittin the hay, i'm going to make a list instead of write in full sentences. (take that all of my elementary school teachers. i make the rules now!) here are all the crazy parts of my night.

1. drunk by 7pm. and not just any drunk, the kind of drunk where you have to concentrate on walking straight so you don't look like a jackass in front of coworkers. and then cut yourself off before you almost fall off your chair again.

2. saw 3 really hilarious plays, sobered up midway through the 1st one, thank god.

3. got caught in the wickedest thunder storm we had so far this year. i'm talking torrential downpour, crazy thunder, lightening so bright the skies lit up, and wind that makes the rain blow sideways. best part? i was walking in it. the restaurants in the distillery district were "full to capacity" and wouldn't let us wait inside so we took refuge in a crazy art gallery/store. it was actually my first time in the distillery district and i have to say that i'm not impressed. not because it wasn't lovely (because i'm sure it is) but because it rained so hard. (i'm easy to sway.)

4. spent rest of night soaked to the bone and freezing.

now i'm home and i've got the post-drunk blues. tomorrow i vow to have a post that is neither trying too hard nor influenced by outside substances.

start crossing your fingers now, people.

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