Wednesday, June 04, 2008

what happens when your dreams come true?

wow, peeps. june 4th shall happily go down in the history books for me...

today i met my idol.

today i conquered my fear yet again.

today i was a little more ready.

today i said my piece.

today i shone.

today i knew what to expect.

today i did good.

today someone special to me heard what was in my heart.

needless to say, it meant a lot to me. i've been looking for some sort of sign about the direction my life needs to take, and today i was given a clear message.

i get it. and i'm going to waste no time trying to make reality the whispers that have been circling for some time.

i feel good, people. i feel really good.

all love,

PS i always secretly wondered if when your dreams finally came true and when things were just as good as they possibly could be, it was a sure sign that you'd be hit by a speeding bus in one of life's little ironies. i'll keep you posted on this. (or not, depending on whether or not i'm dead.)

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