Thursday, June 12, 2008

the belt line

went for another awesome ride tonight. i realized how slow i let myself go normally because i was biking with steph so i had to work extra hard to keep up. (not that she was trying to go fast, mind you. i'm just that out of shape after 2 years in my low rider office chair. complete with theme song!)

on the way back home after the ride (and after our park bench sesh wherein we made about 4 new friends in the matter of 1/2 an hour) i decided to yet again tackled the Dreaded Avenue Road Hill. (yes capitols. it's really freaking hard!) on my way up i realized that the way i bike up the hill is a lot like the way i work at the office. (humour me.)

1. i am an expert multitasker: whether it be balancing multiple projects or trying not to die while keeping my feet pedalling at a steady pace, i am a pro at juggling many things at once. (sometimes it feels like my heart is falling out of my body. awesome!)

2. i work hard where it counts: both at the office and on the bike, the game is mental and i am my best chearleader. (come on melissa! you're almost home! you can have nachos when you get in!)

3. i persevere: i never half finish a project at work, just like i never half finish a hill. (so what if i keep pedalling only because it's slightly faster than walking and i really, really had to pee.)

and finally

4. i am extremely motivated: you don't have to ask me twice to take on a project or pedal a little faster. (again. really, really had to pee.)

i'm totally adding these points to my resume.

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