Wednesday, June 11, 2008

oh, the things i saw!

today was awesome! within the span of half an hour i saw the following:

1. a man with PAINTED ON eyebrows. and not just any sort of painted on eyebrows... painted on eyebrows that looked like milhouse's from the simpsons. (i'd post a picture to give you a visual but i'm scared of the simpson's lawyers.) they were painted-on black rectangles. rectangles!

2. an older-ish woman in a low cut black top. without a bra. on a bumpy bus. who subsequently made an old guy very happy by chatting him up about books for the entire time i was on the bus. i'm pretty sure she could have been talking about dryer lint and gramps would have still been as enraptured with the... conversation

and here's the sweet one:

3. a man who had obviously had a stroke walking slowly but surely down the bike/walk path by myself. even though he had trouble with his left foot (he sorta had to drag it a little) and his progress was slow, he was out and about in the fresh air and getting some exersize. inspirational.

as a result of #3, i vow never to complain about how much i hate to break a sweat anymore. (did i say never? how about for the next 2 days?)

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