Sunday, June 15, 2008

oi! let's go england!

i don't know if it was all the finger crossing or what, but i am happy to report i am not drunk tonight! woo! i am, however, tired and sentimental. (a fate worse that drunk? let's see how this plays out.)

first, the non-weepy part of my day. (yay!) I SAW MY FIRST RUGBY MATCH! i am in love - it's the best damn game ever! it combines all my favourite parts of football with a no-holds-barred attitude towards tackling and it moves at a much more frantic (read: not boring) pace than the nfl. it doesn't hurt that all the men are buff, sweaty, and burly. it's like watching a male supermodel pageant but with more swears and shorter shorts. (okay, some of the guys seriously looked like they had been hit upside the head with a 2x4. but thankfully they weren't the ones doing all the running and touchdown-ing in my end of the field.)

in other words: mmmmmmmmm.

also exciting (yay!) was that i got to practice my standard driving! i've only been out once before and i wasn't very successful. i find it interesting that you can throw 5 gears into the mix and i'm completely lost, yet i'm otherwise an extremely confident and able driver. after many stalls and jerky starts i sorta have the hang of it. (next step: get super fit on a bike so that i can become a tour guide in italy. DREAM BIG!)

the mellow part of my night (golf claps!) may have been quiet but was equally lovely. i hung out with my buddy morgan and made a delicious pasta and then went for a walk and talked about life. i'm telling you, sometimes you find commonality with someone else in places you'd least expect it. if all walks were like the one we took tonight, i'd invest in better shoes.

i really wanted to post my pictures of the rugby game. hopefully once i've caught up on my chores tomorrow i can carve out some time for this. i've also deferred my saturday crossword ritual to tomorrow, so who knows what kind of time i'll have after that's done.

...hopefully most of the clues are easily google-able and it doesn't take me 4 hours to finish it this time.

wait. what?

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