Friday, June 06, 2008

from zero to thirty

yeesssh. it's hot out today and it's forecasted to be hot all weekend/next week. i'm a classic middle-of-the-road gal: i am happiest when it's not too hot/not too cold. at all other times i do what i do best... complain.

i think the hardest part about the heat is wardrobe selection. i basically have two choices: dress to sweat or dress to chafe. i usually opt for the to sweat fashion line because it hurts less. (what? it doesn't hurt when you sweat?) i always dress in layers anyways so if i'm too hot i take off the top layer and if i'm too cold i have a back up. this over-prepared mentality might be why my purse is so heavy and my desk drawers at work are full of soup, but that's a story for another day.

this is the perfect weekend for a bbq, and that's just what i'm planning on for sunday. my lovely friend cindy has invited me over for a southern style bbq. i don't really know what southern style actually means but i expect it to be spicy, full o' booze (or sweet tea!), and avocado-y. it sounds right up my alley.

i'm also hoping for a good grocery store story to blog about tomorrow. the grocery store is like the subway: full of idiots and sorta smelly. i have high hopes, people. high hopes!

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