Thursday, September 18, 2008

Apparently This Has Happened Before?

More newscasters, more laughing at the misfortune of others. This one is slightly more palatable because gravity's victim is a model and - let's be honest - us laughing at them when they fall is the price they pay for getting to boink Leonardo DiCaprio.

Other video highlights:

1. The incessant wheezy laugh (and nothing say hilarious like "hey you're going to have lung cancer in 5 years!")
2. The frequent slo-mo replays of both falls, including zooming in on the wobbly ankles
3. The calling out of the angry letters from viewers and the deflecting of blame (hey, the nightly news is a dog-eat-dog world... it's every anchor for himself)

And since we're on the subject, here are some of my all-time fave falling videos.

1. The Grape Lady

I find the hilarity in this video does not come from the obvious apres-fall reaction (although I do enjoy a good "I caaaan't breaaaathe! oh! oh! oh!") but rather the the Grape Lady fell after she tried to CHEAT and throw in a few extra vigorous stomps once the time was up. She wanted the free hotel stay and all she got was some broken ribs and a shattered ego. That's what I call irony, bitches!

2. Celebrity Chain Reaction Fall

This video is a lot like the model video because we get two falls for the price of one (Carmen Electra of the striperobics and banging musicians fame and Alison Sweeney of the Days of our Lives and losing weight fame) - and the bonus second fall looks like it really freaking hurt! Yay! Again, this is the price celebs pay for getting paid thousands of dollars to sit around all day eating from the catering table and having to only utter 4 lines like they really mean it.

Okay. I have to take a break from falling videos for a while. I have really terrible karma with this stuff and I am one flight of stairs away from recreating all of the above videos... Only my fall will probably be worse because there won't be any nice gentlemen in suits to help me up and Leo won't be at home waiting for me with a sly grin and an ice pack.

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micaela said...

omg that model video made me CRY with laughter. i could not control myself.