Thursday, September 04, 2008

things i am currently looking forward to:

1. nick and norah's infinite playlist

i got THE LAST TICKET to the TIFF screening on saturday night (which is, as far as i can tell, the WORLD PREMIERE). let's ignore the fact that i actually needed 3 tickets and selfishly purchased the last remaining one for myself and will go alone and ditch my friends because that's how badly i want to see it. the point is i'm going and i can't. freaking. wait.

2. breathing the same air as my (he-only-needs-to-meet-me-to-know-i'm-the-one) boyfriend michael cera.

also on the list of things to ignore: the nearly 10 year age difference between myself and mikey c., my cougar-like stalking abilities (fitting because of the age gap and also because i'll be agile like a cat stalking it's prey and - no, wait. this is just getting creepier), and the fact that i'll have to get the guts to meet him solo.

3. my improv classes at the impatient theatre company, which start sunday. apparently i'm encouraged to blog about the experience, so expect more info (read: embarassing stories about how i stood up there crying uncontrollably in front of 14 strangers and my instructor for 15 minutes).

4. watching sophie's choice and silkwood. i've decided meryl streep is the best actress in the world. i'm very glad i am so ahead of the curve on this. cough.

5. cali, cali cali: planning a possible trip in october and another in january. god, i love that state. it has in & out burger and the ocean.

6. taking better photos: i just read scott kelby's amazing digital photography book and i'm really starting to get inspired to push myself to the next level. now i just need a spare $1000 to drop on a mid-range telephoto lens and lens accesories. no biggie.

7. have i mentioned michael cera and nick & norah? cause i'm so excited it deserves to be mentioned more than once. cougar swoooooooon.

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