Monday, September 15, 2008

The New Old Post

Oh lordy! So many new things. Because I am lazy, it's late, and because I can, here is a handy reference list for you:

1. New Old Blog: Look up. Look waaaaay up! See that fancy orange floaty thing with the blog title and little red hearts? Yeah, I totally taught myself how to do that in Photoshop tonight. In addition to the jazzy new banner, I've also streamlined the labels for my posts (also: made them funnier - or, in the case of the Michael Cera label, creepier), edited some shit out (ha), and did a little house cleaning with the pictures and general blog info. More to come - including a detailed post about what the "donkey kick" label is and some background info. Melissa: best blogger ever?

2. New Old Michael Cera: Still a cougar, still in cougar love with Mickey C., tried to photoshop the crowd out of my premiere pictures of him and failed miserably. Okay so this one is all 'old' and not 'new' at all. But I had to stay within the theme so suck it.

3. New Old California: OMG! OMG you guys! I booked my tickets to Cali for a over-a-week-long adventure in the sunshine state (wait - is the sunshine state Florida's nickname? Well, you know what I mean). I am SUPER excited, obv. I get 2 Jason Mraz shows, at least 6 good mraz-friends, hopefully plenty of celebrity sightings, Jamba Juice, In n' Out Burger, the ocean, and some quality time with some local family. I think it is actually unhealthy to be this excited about it, really.

I also have a video of my best-question-ever from the N&N premiere last Saturday (mad props to Jessica, my mraz-friend with amazing youtube skillz). Check it out in the N&N post below. It might be the best thing to ever grace the youtube archives, if I do say so myself!

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Anonymous said...

i made it into a blog! yay me! and yay you! :)