Thursday, September 25, 2008

Melissa's Law

It's 5.15pm and I've just purchased my much-longed for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist CD and can't wait to tear the plastic wrap off of it and crack that bitch open so I can see pictures of Mikey C. and picture him without his shirt on (cougar swooon).

I walk with urgency to the subway station and get my token ready for the surly token taker when I see a group of people milling in front of a couple of subway cops. I look beyond them and see an unsually large crowd standing in front of a packed-to-the-brim train with its' doors open, going nowhere.

...Something is up, and I bet you it's not going be fun.

Turns out that there are "signal problems" at Eglinton Station - Eglinton Station also known as MY station. The Powers That Be have closed the Northbound Yonge subway from Bloor to Eglinton, leaving me stranded at Dundas unless I figure out another way to get me and Mikey home for some quality one-on-one time. Firstly, "signal problems" is just another word for "subway suicide jumper" (though why they have to close half of the fucking line for a jumper, I know not... so maybe they were actually telling the truth this time??) and secondly, this is really fucking inconvenient.

I end up having to take the subway southbound, go around the loop and get off at Eglinton West station. I then have to board a bus Eastbound through rush hour AND construction in order to get home nearly an hour later.

So I get it Subway Gods: you aren't pleased with anyone railing against your loyal masses. Message taken. But you've just taken 75% of my material away from me, making my blog basically about how much I love Michael Cera with the occasional video of a Latin superstar thrown in for good measure.

If your point was to make me look like a deranged woman obsessed with a 19 year old boy who takes an abnormal amount of pleasure out of portly people falling, then you've succeeded.


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